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Happy Spring / Easter

Celebrate Spring!

I found this list online of different ways around the world, to celebrate the arrival of Spring and the time of Easter.

Let’s add our own Port Townsend ‘Easter’ Tradition!

GO SAILING, Rowing, Paddle-boarding, or Kayaking!

Fly a Kite
In Bermuda, people fly homemade kites on Good Friday. Legend has it, the tradition started when a local teacher had trouble explaining Jesus’s ressurection to his Sunday school class. So, he made a kite to explain the concept. Learn how to make your own!

Make a Fire
In areas of Northwestern Europe, natives light large bonfires called Easter Fires on Easter Sunday and Monday. They began as a way to chase the winter away — but now they bring communities together.

Put on a Costume
In Sweden, children dress up as Easter witches and wear old clothes. Similar to our Halloween, the kids walk around their neighborhoods but they trade their artwork for candy.

Make an Omelet
Residents of Haux, France, serve an enormous omelet on Easter Monday. They use more than 4,500 eggs and feed up to 1,000 people.

Make a Bonnet
Easter bonnet parades take place in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Kids can decorate their own bonnets with bunny ears, chickens, eggs, chocolate, or flowers!

NPR recently reported on efforts to raise awareness and money for humanitarian aid and Ukraine’s recovery and from this horrible war. Pysanky for Peace is using the the Ukrainian tradition of decorating eggs to make a difference. Check it out.

….More traditions with Photos HERE

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