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Festival Schedule and LOCAL Marine Trades presenters

Many of our members and local marine trades folk have stepped up to make presentations and teach workshops at the Wooden Boat Festival. This is our local tradition and we want to keep it that way. Thank you to all of the presenters and participants from our community keeping the founding symposium spirit alive.

See the schedule here:

‘Thank youz’ for braving the stages to

Diana Talley and her panel of women in the trades;Jen Bates/rigger, sailor, boat owner.  Daryl Dietrich/finisher, varnish/paint, sawmill operator.  Emma Gunn/professional captain, yacht delivery, sail training.  Claire Ethie/shipwright, woodworker, boat restoration and repair.

Pat Mahon/Surveyor, Ian Weedman/Brion Toss Riggging, Sea Marine, Matthew Steverson/The Duracell Project, Pete Langley/PT Foundry,

Sean Kooman/NWSWB, Lisa Vizzini/offshore readiness, Emilian Marino/The Artful Sailor, Alison Wood/PT SAILS,

Bruce Tipton/Wooden Spars, Russell Brown/Multihull round table, Bruce Blatchley/intro to vaccuum-bagging, Tim Lawson/Sharpening tools,

Susan Conrad/kayaking, Nancy Erley/night navigation,

Dennis McGuire, sailor, boatbuilder, adventurer, writer, commercial fisherman, storyteller.

John McCormack/McCormack Furniture, Elsie Hulsizer/Cruising, Michael Effler & Erin Leader/Sea Sensations, Kevin Ritz/NWSWB, Brad Seamans/Corking demo,

Jordan Primus/NWSWB, Joni Blanchard/vrnishing, Jeremy Johnson/photography, Aaron Barnett/WA Seagrant, Korey Rubin/NWSWB, Tucker Piontek/NWSWB,

Jeff Kelety and Deborah Carroll/cruising SE AK, Lelend Gibson/bolts&bolt-making, Rob Sanderson/PT BOATS, The Port of Port Townsend, USCG,

Andy Stewart/Emerald Marine, Matthew Weaver/Fiberglass Supply, Colin Angus/Angus Rowboats and Open Ocean Robotics, Paul Bieker/Bieker Boats

and more from our local community. If I missed anyone, my apology. Of course there are many visiting speakers as well, all worth checking out depending on your special interests. Many more will have booths and our visiting speakers and participants are the icing on the cake.

Volunteer for the PTMTA booth and get a free one day pass.

Thursday is open to the public, traditionally “LOCALS DAY/NIGHT” as everyone sets up for the long weekend and enjoys live music in the big tent.

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