Photo by Bill Curtsinger

Wooden Boat festival 2022 photos

This is only the first round of photos from the 2022 Wooden Boat Festival as we endeavor to tell the stories of our marine trades community. Diana Talley’s Women in the Marine Trades forum was well attended, interesting, fun and enlightening. Thank you all for making this happen.

Diana Talley’s Women in the Trades forum. Wooden Boat Festival by Ashlyn Brown

Diana Talley hosting the Women in the Trades Forum 2022 Wooden Boat Festival.

Emma Gunn: professional captain, yacht delivery, sail training.

Daryl Dietrich/finisher, varnish/paint, sawmill operator.

Claire Ethie:shipwright, woodworker, boat restoration and repair.

Jen Bates/rigger, sailor, boat owner.

Women in the Trades forum at the PT Wooden Boat Festival 2022

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