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KPTZ Archive: Our Working Waterfront 08/11/2020

Revisiting one of the first KPTZ Working Waterfront podcasts about the early days of Eron Berg’s position as Port Director, maritime icons, and the 2018 Maritime Economic Impact Study. We post this both to archive it under “Our Stories” and as a reminder of the significance of the efforts made by Pam Petranek and Gwendolyn Tracey to advance community, county, and state understanding of our industry’s immense economic value.

Gwendolyn and the PTMTA will be updating this study in 2023! We ask that all maritime business owners, in the trades, education, sciences, tourism, and support sectors, please answer calls from Gwendolyn Tracey and  Martin Associates, or contact Gwendolyn to be included in this study that has been a very successful tool for raising funds in areas that promote and support the sustainability of maritime jobs in Jefferson County.

Our Working Waterfront ~ 8/11

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