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Sailing Association education

PTMTA members are just as likely to be sailors so there is a natural connection to make to our Port Townsend Sailing Association. Ideally, sign up for their email updates! In case you were not aware, the PTSA now rents a space in the Nomura Building! This new space offers great opportunities for them to hold classes and pre and post regatta meetings and of course, celebrations.

It is very exciting to have several maritime tenants in the Nomura buildng.Thank you Port of PT for taking the importance of this synergy seriously and Congratulations PT Sailing Association for you new Clubhouse.

From the PTSA:

This Wednesday, (January 11) for our first clubhouse educational event, Dave Wilkinson, weather professional and PTSA race committee member, will help us understand the wind better by providing some tips on Understanding the Weather, and Coastal Winds. Dave has been studying the conditions in PT Bay from the committee boat for the last year and will be happy to answer your questions about the local winds. Read Dave’s bio here.

The Shipwrights Regatta is coming up on February 25th. Mark your calendars.

The membership drive is still underway. Join this community of passionate sailors and make new friends. Your membership fee will be matched if you sign up by the end of January. You can now see the member list on the web site.

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